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other think that Courtney, sky and Emma have in common , is that they got more hate than they deserve ( sky for the skave fiasco , Some people dislike Emma cause they dont like the couple wth Noah, and Courtney, well, she went trought a lot of things) but thats my opinion, since i love all three of them :)
I think it would be cool to see Emma, Sky and Courtney  the same season, those girlshave some common triats, like their competitive nature, and i love all three of them
To everyone :)
To all my Friends and watchers here :)


. Bloggers, you are out of competition. Those were the last words that Don had directed them. It's not like it's so important. Yes, Tom and Jen had entered the competition in order to win it, but at least had retained their mutual friendship and were ready to return to do what they liked, share their passion for fashion with all his followers on the Internet

The trouble with being the team eliminated was that they had to return home on their own. Transylvania sure looked lonely and frightening at that time and the full moon still shining above. Even bats flying in flocks and heard the wolves howl.

. Well,  Tom Said , I had not noticed during the challenge when we were with everyone else, but this place really is scary

. Come on, enthusiastically answered his companion, as you can think of that when you return home soon. I cannot wait to update the blog, and brand my new Paris models. Besides, it's just another place, all those things as werewolves and vampires do not exist, haha

. True, haha, that nonsense


At that moment, a howl stronger than previous was heard. Jen could not help frightened and strongly take the hand of her companion, equally startled

. Uh. That was nothing ... Jen tried to recover

.yeah, better let's go.


Shortly after bloggers were exactly in the same cemetery where they had made the challenge.

. There wasn’t an gravedigger here. Jen said


. He should have taken a break. Tom tried to reassure his companion, but in fact himself was quite scared

. Yes, it sure is. Let's go from here. She replied


When the bloggers were to leave behind so dark atmosphere, something moved in the bushes

Tom and Jen could not hide the fact that they  were really scared, and strongly took each other hands. Before giving them time to something else, a creature with human characteristics and wolf, huge and covered with hair, with glowing red eyes and long fangs, was seen at both

Bloggers shouted. The creature walked to where they were

. No, this is not possible, Jen shook as she hugged her companion. These things do not exist. Tom was even more frightened, but took a step forward at the creature.


. Jen, the blogger told his colleague and friend, escape, run away


The wolf creature was about to attack him, but was stopped by the impact of a shopping bag.


. Leave him alone, you, dog huge phenomenon.

Jen had not followed the advice , no  way she would leave her friend alone, but that made the werewolf change target quickly. Soon it was exactly over her. Extremely upset, the monster started ripping her clothes

. Ahh. Enough, enough. That was a very expensive top, cried Jen

 Despite being an extreme situation, the girl keep giving much importance to her  image. Tom tried to help, but everything went very quickly. Before he could do anything, and while Jen was complaining about her ruined top, the werewolf bit her hard on the arm.

The fashion girl screamed. Tom, even terrified, drew strength from the situation and casually finding the gravedigger shovel, hit hard the wolf with it, making its attention  directed toward him, while Jen looked at her wound in the arm with a pained expression . At that moment, the bright full moon was hidden by clouds. The wolf, who was ready to attack Tom, quickly fled to miss the moon. Then he retired of their view

Tom still had the shovel in his hand and breathed deeply.

That was horrible he told himself, I would pass out right now if it were not for ... oh, no, Jen

. Tom, she said with little strength, that hurts.

The blogger was quickly with his partner, but really had no idea how to help her, he could only ask how she felt

My arm hurts, but otherwise I'm fine. I need a bandage, she replied. Hey Tom, thanks for this ... you got rid of that thing . Then She gave  a friendly hug to her  partner while he  looked for a few things for  her wound

It was nothing, Jen. Moreover, it was not me.  It escaped when the moon was hidden. Oh, look, the clouds dissipate, I hope  it not return, we must hurry. In addition you'll need new clothes,

. Yes. That thing ruined my expensive top. Wow, how beautiful the moon looks. Jen watched as the clouds dissipated, the full moon had returned to shine up

. We must hurry. Jen, are you listening to me. Seeing that his partner did not answer, the blogger turned his face to look at her. She was looking at the moon, breathing heavily and his eyes began to change his tone to a shiny Red

Tom gave her a look of deep concern and fear. If fashion bloggers had never worried too much about this kind of legends, therefore it is not surprising that for a moment they have forgotten an important detail, which is what happens when you are bitten by a werewolf

To everyone :)

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